Stamford is a market-leading investment consulting firm, dedicated to delivering investment excellence through a proven investment discipline linked to effective client partnerships.  We work closely with a limited number of institutional clients, including St. James’s Place Wealth Management, which is part of St. James's Place plc, a FTSE 100 company. 

Philosophy – what we believe in

At Stamford we believe that the quality of investment professionals and their decisions will determine outcomes.  We also believe that truly talented active managers can outperform market indices, if they make investment decisions based on fundamental business analysis.  However managers of such high calibre are few and far between, which is why we developed an in depth assessment process that is truly global and, indeed, extending beyond the standard manager universe.

We believe that individuals, not institutions, make investment decisions.  Therefore as part of our research and monitoring process we also focus on their behaviours and biases associated with the decision making process.

We believe that our investment advice must be supported by evidence to be fit for purpose.

We believe an integral ingredient of successful investing is mitigating permanent impairment of capital and pay particular attention to how managers deal with those challenges. 

We believe in long term investment strategies with low portfolio turnover.

Manager Selection

At Stamford, we are proud of our distinctive approach to identifying, researching and monitoring exceptional investment talent and their portfolios.  We leave no stone unturned in the search for investment managers we believe will generate superior investment returns over time. 

Over 30 years we have built up an extensive proprietary information base of thousands of managers.  Our desk research and industry networking approach allows us to discover managers that might otherwise be below the radar.  We offer manager selection on a truly global basis, going far beyond locally available or mainstream investment offerings.

Following this ‘talent discovery’ phase, we apply our own rigorous and deep evidence-based manager assessment process in order to evaluate the robustness of the managers' investment approach and the integrity of its application in practice.  This includes a thorough analysis of the managers' portfolio footprints, from idea generation to sell discipline and portfolio construction, and invariably requires many face to face meetings with the key investment professionals.  Our aim is to ensure an embedded understanding of the decision making dynamics and a holistic view of each manager.

We place equal importance on monitoring investment managers and their portfolios.  Our monitoring team requires a high level of access to managers, including far reaching disclosure and portfolio transparency.  This is key for our ongoing assessment of each manager and our detailed scrutiny of portfolios, including trading activity, fundamental and liquidity characteristics.  When deemed appropriate, we do not hesitate to recommend manager changes irrespective of investment results.

Complementary to our investment assessment, an integral part of our manager selection and ongoing monitoring involves an in-depth qualitative evaluation from a psychological, organisational and behavioural perspective, which is led by our full-time in-house Chartered Psychologist.  We believe this yields materially deeper insights and acumen than could otherwise be gained. 


Global Research Capabilities